GroundWorks in Somatics

Investigations of Gravity and Ground
Movement and Stillness
A foundational workshop series in movement practices offered by master movers. Each will support physical awareness, and share approaches that provide a starting place for dance and vocal inquiry. They bring to these somatic forms, an atmosphere of curiosity that enables the material to be sourced through your own body in motion and stillness.

We will investigate fundamental dance practices that support and inform the moving body and expressive voice, to rekindle expression and harness intuition. Fundamentals of Contact Improvisation, Experimental Anatomy, Somatic Experiencing, Body Mind Centering, Axis Syllabus, Alexander Technique, Tamalpa Life/Art Process and other applicable approaches that support the moving body.

This series is to inspire movement growth and research, touch in with our bodies structure and flow, transform old habits, enliven new movement patterns, rebuild paradigms, expand possibilities, harness gravity, and connect. Come play, inquire, fly and rest within the wellspring of your insights!


December 3rd: 
Scott Wells                                                                                  Contact Improvisation
.:Zero to Flying:.

Janurary 7th:
Carmen and Rajendra Serber
.:Clear Directions:.                                                                    Contact Improvisation

Feburary 4th:
Miriam Wolodarski
.:Moving Queries:.                                                                     Contact Improvisation

March 4th:
Carol Swann                                                                                 Voice & Movement
.:Easy Body-Easy Voice Thru the Alexander Technique:.

April 1st:
Kristen Greco & Rosemary Hannon                                      Contact Improvisation
.:Internal Dynamics: Tone, Fluidity and Spacial Tethering:.

May 6:
Liz Duran Boubion Tamalpa                                                          Tamalpa Life/Art Process
.:Eco-Somatic Contact Improvisation:.

June 3rd:
Nuria Bowart                                                                                    Axis Syllabus
.:Counterspirals from the universal center:.


First Saturday of each month.
10am -5pm (with a lunch break from 12:30-2)

Sliding Scale  $80 – $100
Early Bird       $60-$75                        (paid and registered one month prior)
Inquire for Work Trade Position     (please contact us)

The Barn
South Sebastopol 95472

Registration, Directions & Questions: